It’s Time



Have you had a feeling deep down inside of you that’s screaming at you that it’s time to do something different? It’s time to chase the dreams you’ve put off because they weren’t practical? It’s time to BE the person you feel like you were created to be? 

I have.

I’m in a growth spurt in life. Not the sort of growth spurt that you hear about when a 15-year old boy goes from 4ft2 with a high pitch voice to 6ft2 and talks in baritone, but the kind when you’ve seen things one way your whole life and now you see them totally different. The childlike excitement that stirs is awake and looking for attention. It’s so loud and chaotic that its hard to understand but its constant and calling. 

Do you know those times when you start becoming or doing something new and those closest to you make remarks like “well that’s weird, when did you start doing that?” Or what about your passions not being taken seriously because it’s not something that you’ve been seen as before. For a person that wants approval from his closest family and friends, its hard to become a newer, more improved version of yourself when it requires you to step away from the comforting validation cloud that you hide in. 


     What about when you don’t trust yourself to be this new being? If your friends don’t see it in you, is it really you? I mean, you know you feel it, you know it exists in you, but you don’t know how to trust yourself enough to take the leap of faith (in yourself). Self-doubt can floor you when you are trying to climb. It’s like a weight tied to your feet pulling you down from the surface of the water where fresh air excessively waits for you. 

When do you let go of ALL that was you and start recognizing the new you? 

When do you embrace the marriage between who you were and who you are? 

That moment is upon me and the madness that it creates is exhilarating. 

It’s slowly becoming something that can’t be ignored. Its time to believe that what love has created will exist out of the human box I’ve sustained. It’s time for me to trust those that love me and to trust the one that hasn’t loved himself. It’s time to believe.

So it’s here…

Waiting on me to act.

Time to eat the frog. 

Wish me luck. 

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