Today’s intention was for me to be authentic. My goal for 2018 is to be authentic. My goal for 2017 was to be authentic. I read journals from years ago that said, “Gosh, I just want to be REAL! Why do I feel like a fake?” What’s my deal with feeling inauthentic? Does anyone else in the world feel this way??


(Have I started another blog this way?? Feels familiar!)

I sat and thought about this a lot this evening and it hit me like a ton of bricks! If I would just acknowledge that I’m being more authentic by just acknowledging when I’m inauthentic then I could give my brain a BIG OLE CHILL pill!


     It’s ok to struggle because none of us is perfect or the expert at really “BEING YOURSELF”. It takes being 100% AWARE 100% of the time and the day you find that level of awakening then you might be sitting at the pearly gates. It’s definitely what we need to be striving for on EARTH but it’s a GODLY mind that is aware ALL the time.

Now don’t get me wrong, there really isn’t a right or wrong on how to do things on this journey. It’s the effort we invest and the choices we make that grow our authentic selves. You feel it when you’re alone, quiet, and present in the moment. When you take a second to look in the mirror and go beyond the surface.

That’s YOU, flaws and all, perks and twerks.

You are unique and special and authentically YOU. The goal is to bring that with you ALL-DAY EVERY-DAY and it’s also the biggest challenge.

     Fear tells us that we aren’t good enough to just be ourselves. Fear screams and lies in our ears to shame us. Fear is the ultimate deceiver but is also nonexistent if we don’t give it power. Fear ISN’T REAL. It’s only a thought and WE CAN CHANGE our thoughts. It might feel impossible but that’s the ego’s way of keeping you locked in. Your job is to identify when you are sitting at fear’s table and flip it like Teresa on The Housewives of New Jersey did!.


Don’t let one more moment pass you by where fear tells you that YOU, just as YOU, isn’t good enough to share with the world.

Here are some quick tips to check yourself before you wreck yourself when fear is trippin’!

  • When you feel FEAR stirring STOP and BREATHE! Don’t take one more step without quieting your mind
  • Find a quote or a great saying that reminds you of your value. Repeat it. Say it. SING IT!
  • Remember that EVERYONE struggles with the same thoughts as you do. WE ARE ALL in the same boat rowing upstream so let’s work together and share our strengths
  • Find an action with every negative thought. If something tells you that you aren’t capable, prove it wrong. You have the whole world supporting you
  • Get in your car, roll the windows down, turn on that song that gives you chills and SING IT as loud as you can! A great option would be THIS IS ME!

I encourage you to find your power. You are uniquely created to complete a very super special task that ONLY YOU can complete. Be authentic because YOU are the missing piece to our mosaic puzzle!



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