Practice what you preach. Can I get an AMEN somebody?

MOTHER OF PEARL! I struggle with PRACTICING what I preach! I own it!

     I have a Facebook group called SOULRISE (you should join if you aren’t already on there! … Ok that’s my only plug).  It’s a place full of positivity, kind people and some of the best quotes you will find. This group was started as a “SAFE PLACE” for others to come and encourage one another while also exploring different ideas and personalities. It’s a profound space and something I’m extremely proud of! Here’s the clincher, how much of what I say am I actually doing?

That’s a great question, thanks for asking!! (rolls eyes)

     If I had to put a percentage to it then I’d walk away with a good 50% or for students, A BIG FAT F! This sounds like a great leader for a GROUP of change makers right?

              Let me tell you a story…

     I was driving to work one morning after my Chiropractor visit. I’ve been feeling down in the dumps because of my back. I’m not someone to stay still very long and this has floored me for a little over 2-weeks now.

How am I supposed to live without my SOULCYCLE and BARRY’S BOOTCAMP?(dramatics for the story) 

     I was listening to a ROBCAST (podcast by Rob Bell).  Rob is a former pastor of a megachurch but has taken his sermons to the podcasting world. In a nutshell, his message was about living an authentic life. I’ve written several blogs on authentic living so I felt like an expert.

Let’s keep it real, it’s something I’ve been trying to do for over 25 years. Basically my whole life minus my adolescent years when I was just trying to fit in and be super cool….#Achieved

     As I was contemplating my holiness I sped up on someone going 30 mph in the fast lane (there’s always one). If you live in Dallas you understand that the interstates are like the Motor Speedway. You either poop or get off the pot, am I right? I pulled up to a light a few minutes later and it was like GOD slapped me in the side of the head. I realized that I wasn’t PRACTICING the loving kindness that I post about each day. For some reason this was incredibly profound for me and required a blog about it.

AUTHENTICITY is actually BEING what you say you are OR (waittttttt for it…)



I put the concept of AUTHENTICITY so far up on a pedestal that it was no longer real to me. It was the punchline to the joke or the answer to the test question. While it was TRUTH and something I pursued, it was also something I’d been studying for my whole life and yet hadn’t really understood it. The humor of the situation actually caught me off guard but I couldn’t help but laugh at myself.


Practicing what you preach is actually pursuing the same truth and guidance that you share with someone else. It’s doing exactly what you say you ought to do in any given situation. It’s being so authentic that your advice to others is actually what you practice and not just words that move you. My Oprah “AHA MOMENT” was when I challenged myself on whether I was actually living out the ideas that I share with others. I have been inauthentic and it’s not something I’m proud of.

I’ll give you an example.


That’s a quote I’ve posted in the past and yet I rarely speak my own truth because I’m afraid of making someone else uncomfortable or better yet I don’t want them to feel bad. Meanwhile, I’ve rejected what I know to be true and I slowly quiet the voice inside of me. WHAT IN THE WORLD HAVE I BEEN DOING?? Growth comes from the practice and I wonder why I feel “stuck” at times.

Why am I talking about PRACTICING WHAT YOU PREACH?

I wanted to talk about this topic because its time that people start standing for what they so often talk about or give advice on. If your actions don’t really speak the same words that your mouth does then it’s either time to admit that it might not be your truth OR change and make it your truth. With as much going on in our world today its time for authentic living to make a comeback. If half the Christians I knew lived out Christ’s message then the world would definitely be in a different state. (This isn’t a judgement on anyone as much as an honest statement that I fall right into as well.) We (as people) preach and preach and preach but our own accountability to living the same “good news” rarely exists. Sometimes it just takes a slow person on the interstate to make you realize you aren’t “loving all and accepting others imperfections” quite as much as you thought.

What do I do if I’m not PRACTICING WHAT I PREACH?

  • Start by asking yourself what’s truth to you? What are your values and where does your moral compass lead you? Ask yourself what areas of your life do you KNOW that you aren’t authentic? What’s stopping you from living authentically?
  • Write down experiences where you did one thing but wished you’d lived more by your gut. Write these down so that when they happen again you will recognize them and act differently.
  • Be brave. 

  • Lastly, be loving to yourself. While I joke about myself and tear apart the things I do, I know that each day my actions are starting to mirror the messages I am sharing. SOULRISE has become an arena for soul-searching and accountability and I hope and pray that it continues to grow in profound ways.


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