We’re All Going Through the Same…

You know the thoughts. The ones where you’re afraid to share what’s going on in your head because you feel like you are the only one in the world that’s ever felt this way. Maybe you can think big picture and realize that SOMEONE in the world has felt this way, but definitely not anyone in your immediate circle or even secondary circle.

You say to yourself…

I can’t share that! Everyone will think I’m weird and that I can’t get through anything on my own.” 

Have you ever done this or felt this way?


We’re all going through the same $#!^ 2838387_630x354.jpgand can relate to one another so much more if we learn to let our walls down. We might not be in the same valley at the same time or even at the peak together, but we can all relate. It takes a certain level of vulnerability to expose yourself for who you are and allow others to lovingly support you.

Have you ever had a moment, a situation, an interaction, a coincidence or read a random quote on one of those positivity pages where you just said to yourself…

“I so needed that right now”?

Maybe you’ve been the one that said the right thing at the right time for the right person. It’s hard to describe THAT feeling when you are in the moment.

It’s like a spark of energy!


You feel a deep connection to the present and gain a certain power from it. It’s like the universe opens up and directs all of its purpose at you.

Our SOULS align and we make connections in these moments that are so much bigger than our own awareness. If you are in a space that’s not allowing you to see the “light” that’s when your tribe steps in to illuminate what you aren’t seeing. The coincidence of these moments aren’t random but are gifts for us to acknowledge. These are the moments we can recognize and learn. Our SOULS yearn for the alliance as we journey life’s landscape.

Remind yourself daily that you aren’t alone. As a human collective consciousness our thoughts and feelings are what connect us to one another and we must remember that these relationships matter. Whether it be your SOULCYCLE family that pumps you up after a long day or your best friend that celebrates your successes with you, these experiences and relationships facilitate a universal transformation in the human experience. We are physically and chemically different because these moments occur. Don’t take these junctures for granted.

     You have the ability to open up and allow others to see you and align. In the days, weeks, months and years to come, take the time to be available to others and to witness the electricity that flows between us. 

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