Who needs beauty sleep anyways?

Well FIRST, long time no talk PEEPS!

I’m guessing about 5 people have looked at this blog since I last posted so THANK YOU to those 5!! lol I’m BACKKKKK though and my mind is full of stuff to share!

So how many of you set 2017 goals and have already let 1 or 2 slip? How many of you gave something up for LENT that you decided “welllllll, maybe I’ll go ahead and have just one coke. Ok two. Ok forget it. I’m drinking cokes”? SO I’m guilty! With that said, there has been one GOAL that I’ve kept up with and it’s the most important one.

My walk with GOD is always HOT, COLD, and mainly luke warm. We all know (or we don’t) what the Bible (does anyone else sing the song “B-I-B-L-E, yes thats the book for me!” when you hear the word Bible? No, just me. OK.) says about “luke warm” faith. Basically let’s just say it’s like drinking sour milk. It’s detested. While I do believe that’s a bit dramatic the Bible does say it! I get it too. It’s like being in a relationship with someone (friend or other) that half way participates in your relationship.  AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!

So I made the goal to spend more time studying the Bible, praying, and enhancing my walk with the Lord. I’ve kept it up and IN FACT (pats self on back) I’ve been getting up at 6am to  do this activity! If you know me then you know this is something to be majorly impressed by just FYI!


During this journey I found a book called  by The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod and I wanted to share with you some stuff I’ve learned from it as I’ve found it super helpful! What I am going to share will be in very basic terms and you can look it up when you have time to read. It’s definitely worth the read!

Elrod uses the acronym Life SAVERS. Each letter of “savers” has a different meaning and you take action based on each. I’ll break the SAVERS down for you to spark your interest!





S -SILENCE – This is pretty much a no-brainer. He talks about finding silence in the moment. We are all so busy thinking about yesterday, later today, and tomorrow that we end up missing what’s right in front of us. Elrod breaks down some ways to focus your attention through meditation, prayer and focus orientation. I’ve tried it and it works like a gem! It also plays into the “V” which I’ll talk about here in a second or two.

A – Affirmations – This portion talks about the importance of writing down affirming statements and repeating them to yourself. You write down WHO/WHAT YOU WANT TO BE! It can be outlandish or practical because we all know that dreams can come true! (my Disney moment). You are writing it as if you are already there (your dream destination) speaking a statement. Here are some of mine….

  • I am DEBT FREE
  • I am a FAST RUNNER

You get the idea! Take some time to write down your own! Repeating these helps much more than you would think! When I’m running I am constantly saying to myself (especially when I tell myself to stop running) “I am a fast runner, I am a fast runner, I am a fast runner”.

V – Visualization – During this part you are actually playing the movie in your brain. Use your imagination and see things not as they are but as you want them. I actually visualize myself picking up pace on my run and it not making my legs feel like they are going to fall off. I visualize getting the final statement from my student loans that says “PAID IN FULL”. Of course I have others that are much more meaningful but these are very real to me. This partnered with your silence creates a great reflection.

E – Exercise – Again, no brainer. You feel better when you are exercising. It’s science so I don’t really need to say much more. He does take it a step further though and encourage you to do it in the morning. I’ve not gotten there just yet!

R – Reading – Since you are reading this blog you can go ahead and check this off! Elrod encourages you to read and consistently educate yourself on how to be the best “YOU” that you can be! It makes a difference and I’ve been doing a lot more reading!

S – Scribing – aka writing/journaling/blogging – He makes a joke that he needed the “s” so that’s why he’s calling this “scribing” but he means writing stuff down. As you go through this process your mind really goes on it’s own journey! It’s good to document. In a years time you can look back and see how far you’ve come! When I read my old journals I just laugh at myself. Isn’t it funny to see the things you once thought were SO IMPORTANT turned out to not matter that much. (OMG I CUT BANGS, everyone will hate me!)

So that’s where I am at so far! I still have several chapters to go and I’m really excited! It’s been a great read and very encouraging. I’ll keep adding info here! There is a 30-Day Challenge to it so once I start I’ll let all 5 of you know so you can hold me accountable!

IN my LONG WINDED FASHION, I’ll wrap this up by telling you to remember that you are special and that you are loved! God LOVES YOU!!! Go do good in the world and spread good news! 


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  1. Laurie

    I have always believed that for you to achieve a dream, you must first dream it. Dream it exactly how you want the end product and knoooow that the journey will never be A to B to C. It may go from A to L to E before hitting Z; embrace that. That’s not your dream going unrealized, it’s just the journey. That’s what makes you strong! You’re not the only one that sings ‘the B I B L E, yes that’s the book for meeee..’ I do it too. Silence is tough for me even though my environment is quiet. My brain neeever shuts off. I love that reading is part of it. I believe ignorance of anything can be a choice. Good blogging Jarsh! Thanks for sharing!!


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