Books, Books, and MORE BOOKS to read…

Here’s a list of some of the books that have been on my shelf that are always GO TO’s for good advice!!! 


This book is great for those with a creative mind! If you have the mind that can tell you all sorts of RUDE things about yourself then this is the BOOK FOR YOU!!! Plus you get to draw pictures and color, you know, grown up stuff!


This book is DEEP. You need to be one of those reflective, soul-searching, quite time sort of person. Actually I take that back, it’s for anyone BUT I think to really grasp some of the concepts that you need to take time to read it and reflect on things you learn as you go. ORRRRRR you do YOU and ignore me which is probably the smartest anyways! lol


I LOVED THIS BOOK! It was a definitely unexpected. We were studying this in church so I assumed it was going to be a “churchy” book but to my surprise it was AWESOME!! Jen Hatmaker has a way with words. She’s engaging, hilarious, and genuine. You connect with her because she’s real.


This book came into my life at the PERFECT TIME. I love the way it was written, the imagery hit on a heavy heart, and Iyanla makes you feel valuable. There is so much wisdom to this book that it’s one of my favorites.

WELL THESE ARE SOME OF MY FAVS!! Hope to hear that you are reading some!

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