This Miracle Morning book has me all sorts of twisted right now. Let’s examine the evidence that I’ve gone completely crazy so that we can all sleep a little better at night (and wake up later).


(I’m typically singing)

First, I’m waking up an hour earlier than I need to. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? Right? Never in my life have I found mornings enjoyable. I mean yes on that rare occasion I would wake up early, hear the birds chirping, feel a nice cool breeze and I’d think to myself whatttttt a wonderrrrfulllll worlddddd. Reality would then snap in and I yawn myself back to sleep.

Next, I’m sending letters to those close to me asking them to point out my flaws!

If you’ve never done that try it. It’s tons of fun. I love looking my nasty right in the face. (sarcasm)

Lastly, I’m reciting affirmations OUT LOUD, by myself, TO MYSELF in the mirror. I mean really! It’s a SNL skit waiting to happen! Next I’ll be wearing a shirt that says “Hi, will you please affirm me? O wait, I’m already doing it.”

See, all the evidence in the world that I’ve fallen off my rocker. Grandma (well I guess I would be grandpa) has lost her marbles. (This always makes me think of Tootles from Hook the movie)


It turns out this whole process is not so crazy after all actually. I feel better, my walk with God is closer, I’m growing, I’m changing, and I’m learning so much about myself that I feel like a new person. It’s flip my world upside down and I’d like some others to join me!

Who else needs to be FLIPPED UPSIDE DOWN? Don’t worry, I’m a MURSE (male nurse)! I can help you!



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