When You Forget to Bring Your Brain Along with You…

INSPIRATION! Who struggles with it? Surely I’m not alone!

I’ve had this great blog in mind for weeks now and every time I sit down to write it my brain goes all over the place and the blog just starts to feel fake. I DO NOT WANT TO BE FAKE so I’m going to place that blog on hold and keep it real with you! I STRUGGLE WITH INSPIRATION!

My brain is totally wired to be a talker, a dreamer, a writer, a singer, an actor and basically A TOTAL SUPERSTAR! (How many of you just went “Suppppaaastarrrrrrr”? No one? Just me?… moving on). I have all of these ideas and when it comes time to take action on them I lack the “KNOW HOW” to get them moving. Please someone tell me I’m not the only one that struggles with this am I?

Let’s talk about IN-SPI-RA-TION, the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative. So now that we’ve taken the true definition and took a dagger to the heart with the last little subtle KICK of “especially to do something creative”, let’s figure this out and figure out how to get unstuck.

First let’s figure out what we were originally inspired to do. For me, it was to write a blog on BEING PERFECT (you can relate right? #alternativefacts). I keep envisioning the perfect story and message I want to deliver but when I sit down to write it, blank. I’m having to drag the words out of my brain and the wit just ain’t wittin’ it’s way out of me. So now you know the motivation (to write, to be a writer, to create…. yours could be to drink more water, be a water drinker, water=drink).

Second, figure out if you are empty (not HANGRY) or just distracted (or resisting). For me, ITS TOTALLY MY A-D-D. I’m sitting here on the bed with Oscar licking the sheets, Sunny snoring, my legs cramping from Soulcycle and the stress on my brain of knowing I said I would post a blog (and I want my blog to be successful and you have to post for that to happen). That’s call DISTRACTION and you can’t be meaningful if you aren’t totally present. So, now that I know what my problem is what do I do with it?

Third, figure out if it’s all really worth it to you. Does what I’m doing matter? (yes) Who does it make a difference to really? (me and others) Is it worth working through? (YES) Do you care enough to figure it out? (YES) Once you work through the WHY FACTOR then you are ready to own your own change maker or “unblocker”.

Now you know your motivation (because at this point you should have talked to yourself about it through 3 different steps), you know whats in the way (because you’ve been staring at it for 3 steps), and you know WHY you are really doing it (your “unblockers”).

So with the drink more water example –

  • I need to drink more water because I don’t pee enough and I’m worried my kidneys will shut down. Plus my pee is so yellow it hurts! 
  • I don’t drink enough water because there aren’t enough cups around, I don’t know how to measure ounces, no one will bring me water along with my coffee and soda, and it makes me PEE too much!
  • I really don’t want to end up in the hospital and have to get new kidneys. Mine are already top of the line why downgrade. Water also gives me more energy in the middle of the day (FACT VIDEO– dehydration is one of the biggest reasons you get the downhill drag in the afternoon), and WATER MAKES ME FEEL BETTER! I WILL DRINK MORE WATER!!!!

See how easy this was! I had a BLOCK, I realized that my issue was distraction, I figured out why I wanted to work through my block and now I’ve written a whole blog on something that will not only help me in the future but might also identify with ONE person…

…(maybe the one and only person that reads this blog, LOL! Y’ALL SHARE MY BLOG, I NEED MORE READERS and FOR THE LOVE COMMENT so I know you are listening! How’s that for begging? Or bossing? It sounds more like being bossy. O, well, please!)….

Well there you have it, my bona-fide, genuine, writer’s block breakthrough! Thanks for playing along! The PERFECT BLOG will be out at another time! Maybe tomorrow I will talk about why I can’t manage to be in bed before 11pm even though I’m shooting for 9pm. #sleepgoals




  1. Laurie Tippy

    Inspiration can be found in anything… When you mentioned that Sunny was snoring and Oscar was licking the sheets, BLAM, there’s something right there. 🙂 I saw a bird with a cherry and wrote a whole thing about that. How many times will you ever see a bird with a cherry!? Or, the squirrel I call the “Lincoln Squirrel” because when he stands upright, it always looks like he’s holding his lapel. 🙂 Or, the two squirrels fighting in the street, one of my most read blogs. 🙂 It’s easy to write, my brother. You wrote about finding the beauty in life, it’s that easy to find the inspiration. I wrote a dandy about a bug I saw in the airport. 🙂 One thing I wonder….do you think Lazarus was miffed when he was brought back to life? What do you think he thought….”Cripes, AGAIN?” Of course, if you’re wanting to write about deep, meaningful, soul touching things… probably don’t write about squirrels and birds… (shifty eyes) Write about your passion; the inspiration there, will be endless!


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