A Tale of Two Joshua’s

HOLY COW! Today’s church message was for me I tell ya!

I’ll break it down for you! First let me say that this message came from Christine Caine (so I can take no credit for the wisdom here BUT I will share my insight so that you realize how smart and wise I am as well (smirk, wink).

She started by giving the background on how Joshua (yeah, I know, hello) helped bring the Israelites into the Promise Land. She talked about how after they crossed the River Jordan that they were in a forest for years. They were safe, comfortable, and had everything the wanted but they still hadn’t made it to the Promise Land. (Does this sound anything like our comfort zones right before we break out into something bigger?) She went on to talk about Joshua fighting the battle to take them further where God would give him the city so that all could make it into the land in which God promised.


(This Joshua could break down the KRISPIE WALL OF GOODNESS)

Now you are caught up on the story so I can get to the meat and potatoes of my Sunday morning feast!

(Side note, she’s from Australia so everything I’m telling you just imagine it coming from an Australian accent… you can also imagine me typing/saying it that way because I am)

There were 5 points that she wanted us to gain from her message. The first talked about “cutting it off”. There was a moment of silence because if you know the story then you know that in the Biblical reference they were talking about circumcision. I chose to leave that out earlier because it’s a painful detail! Ok, back to cutting it off. How we need to reference this in our own life is by identifying the things that we need to CUT OUT so that we can focus on the Lord. We can’t just be spectators. It’s going to be painful but necessary to get us ready for our journey! (Snip snip here, snip snip there and a merry o la de dah)

Next, we need to stop and fill our souls with Jesus. We literally need to stop and spend time with the LORD because it’s ALL about Jesus and for Jesus. We have to understand that if we want to accept the gift of his message.

Now we MOVE ON. So you know how when you used to (like in your 20’s) just have to run for 20 minutes and you could get rid of the 75 grams of fat you just ate but now you have to run for 4 hours to get rid of the 5 that you ingested cause you had one cookie? What used to work doesn’t work anymore right? That was the message. Just because what old places that God used to meet you might not be where he wants to meet you anymore. It’s time to search and find him where he wants you. MOVE ON!

Next, we are going to have to fight for it. She referenced our culture nowadays. It’s an entitled generation. Everyone just wants something handed to them and if they have to do anything for it then it better be free. The things that matter in life should require you to work for them otherwise what value do they really have to them? Fight for whats important and work hard to attain what matters.

Lastly, TAKE A LAP! Just like Joshua had to lap Jericho several times to get that wall down, we might have to take a lap or two to figure things out. Don’t assume that your first time around is the right way. Stop, think, listen.

Overall, her message was amazing! I’m totally not doing it justice but I hope that God speaks to you! If you aren’t a believer or you believe in a different religion, you can still take the message that we need to remove the barriers in life that cause us the biggest distractions. We need to stop and fill ourselves with whats good, and fair, and just. We need to move away from old habits and fight to find what works now. We will continue to fight for whats going to give us our best self. Lastly, if it doesn’t work the first time around then we might just need to keep working until we find the right way!

Time to start snipping y’all!!!

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