Cramps? Bloating? Cravings? Mood swings? What does it sound like I’m describing?


You thought I was talking about the woman’s monthly visitor, “Aunt Flo”, didn’t you!?? Well I wasn’t! I was actually talking about the MAN’s DAILY CYCLE! Yeah that’s right… daily!

***If you want to watch a clever video about a woman’s time of the month then click on “AUNT FLO” above***

Did you know that men go through this as well? Before you throw rocks at me and slap me around (I did grow up with four women in my house and a female best friend), I’m not suggesting that they are nearly as intense but they do happen! 

Why am I even talking about this?

Sometimes I feel like “Aunt Flo” comes to visit me. Fortunately she decided to stay at home for the most part but she didn’t forget to write. She wanted to make sure I didn’t forget about her! I get super sensitive, moody, and even feel bloated at times. My friend Brooke will often ask me if it’s my time of the month. I have to nod my head and ask her to hold me! What is this madness!? Turns out I’m not crazy! It’s legit. TOO LEGIT TO QUIT actually!


Men, does anyone else get this way? Don’t try to act like you don’t because I know several men and I will say that I KNOW THIS HAPPENS! While we don’t carry babies, we do in fact “cycle”. We all want to try and be tough but we are emotional creatures as well. Guys, have you matched up your cycle with your girls friends yet?

For science sake I’m going to give you a little info so that you can be an expert on the MAN-CYCLE. 

Morning time = TESTOSTERONE HIGH!!! This is when we put the GRRRRRRRRRR in “that’s GRRRRRRREAT!” so don’t mess with our frosted flakes. This is when most of us are the most focused, ENERGETIC (sometimes coffee enhanced), skillful, as well as aggressive (or politely stern). If we are running late this is probably not the time to distract us because more than likely we are already putting everything we have into getting out the door. Side note, if you are going to distract us, a sexual distraction might work out for the both of you because this is a peak time for passion!

Afternoon time = work smarter, not harder and with a team time. This is probably the best time to ask a man if he wants help (because he’s most willing during the afternoon). A man’s testosterone is right on 1/2 a tank now, still feeling strong but not fully loaded. Typically we are still pretty energetic and can carry out most tasks without totally spacing out. I actually think I’m most on point during the afternoons but then again I’m special.

Evening time = chill time. If you are wanting Chinese food for dinner this is probably the best time to ask for it because most men are likely to agree with you during this time of day! Not only are we hungry but we are also much less aggressive. After all, we expanded almost all of our testosterone searching for food in the wilderness and protecting the tribe. We are likely wanting to cuddle or sit outside and read a book. This is actually a great time to take an evening stroll because it jolts the testosterone up one last time. Our libido is at the lowest point during the day so don’t take offense if we “have a headache” because it could be true.

Next thing you know the Rooster is crowing and we are back at our best! We are bright-eyed and bushy-tailed ready to search for new lands, build a house, or solve the world’s problems! We are MEN!! GGGRRRRRRRR!!!!

SIDE NOTE – While I totally relate that all of this could be true for my body I also relate very much to the mood swings that women feel. Guys, if you can relate or agree with the above information then you should be able to at least sort of relate to the monthly fatigue of emotions. I swear there are certain times a month that I am the most tired, sensitive, over thinking, and moody. I snap, crackle and POP so much easier and I REALIZE it’s happening. Literally, it’s like an out-of-body experience! Does any other DUDE feel this way?

I hope you learned a little bit about what us MEN go through on a daily basis! Have sympathy if you see us crying watching a kleenex commercial while eating ice cream!


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